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January 07, 2013



I lean towards A.P. for the MVP. I think without him the Vikes would've been 4-12, or worse.

Executive fail of the year could very well go to Roger Goodell. The replacement ref debacle was a travesty. The Packers should have one more win and the Seahawks one more loss. It may have changed the playoff picture quite a bit. Integrity my ass.

Celebration Fail should go to Matt Cassel. His acrobatic air-hug-high-five whiff was.....awesome.
Air Hug

Creepy Dude fail was right on. As long as Rex Ryan is in the NFL he is a lock for this one annually- that and the Cocky-Asshole of the year award.

The biggest anti-fail of the season could be Chris Kluwe, and his devastatingly hilarious kick-ass letter to Congressman Emmet Burns.
Kluwe letter

I enjoyed this post.

Steve T.

As a Jets fan, I would mention that Rex really, really toned it down this year. That being said, it's pretty difficult to change perceptions that you're an asshole - especially if you actually ARE and asshole, and when it's pretty apparent that you're only hiding your asshole tendencies.

And for God's sake - nothing matters when you bring in a backup QB just to sell tickets, and then keep playing your starting QB despite his 52 turnovers in the last 2 years. Especially when one of those 52 turnovers is the Butt Fumble. Good God, the Butt Fumble.

It's been a rough year. But I'll be rooting for Peyton this weekend, and hopefully the next one too.


I didn't realize until after I'd written this post just how hard I was being on the poor Jets. After it dawned it me, I thought you might be commenting, Steve.

The comedy Twitter account "Peyton Mannings Head" decreed that all turnovers now be referred to as an "air Sanchez" or a "ground Sanchez". But I gotta say, watching the Butt Fumble never gets old.

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