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May 04, 2012



yes, we do have poems, and you have so inspired me on this lovely Sunday morning that I put together some stanzas just for you.


Rob has a job, and this is it:
to get in! your! face! you little twit
you emoprog puritopian ass
the Wulfgar cometh with Wulfgar wrath!

he'll bait the thread with kitten meow
and graze on anger like a grass-fed cow
the pies he leaves, his little turds
are special gifts for us crazy birds

birds whose feckless pecks won't work
says the gatekeeper from the land of jerk
an awful place where politics reigns
where money is power and words are games

so I flap my wings and up I go
soaring above the jerk-land show
the world looks better from way up here
no earthly problems I need to fear

but inevitably I must return
to jerk-land problems; threads that burn
but I'm no firefighter, noble and brave
and some things I don't care to save



you usually did not argue in good faith.

Says the hypocrite. At least you waste more time on me then I waste on you, Liz.


that poem took about ten minutes. and you're right, I didn't come here to argue in good faith. bully's deserve a dose of their own medicine from time to time.


OOOhhhh, I feel so oppressed!

(What a putz you are.)


Lizard, many many years ago, when you were likely not even an unformed sperm in your daddy's balls, a local bully decided to make me a target. He was not a large fellow, but rather the son of one of my town's 'important people' (in that she did the hair of all the important people.). Mark convinced a tiny little guy that he could be 'important' if he beat up the big fat guy. I avoided that confrontation for over a month, until one evening, when I was headed to the bus. Mark had this dipstick so riled up that he punched me in the back multiple times. I spun around and put my face directly in front of the little shit Mark was manipulating. I had tears streaming down my face and still offered my visage for his abuse. I'll never forget what he said, ever:

"I, I, I can't hit him. I can't."

If he had hit me, I have no idea what I would have done. At the time, I was following the moral I believed in, which was 'turn the other cheek'.

My beliefs changed that day, a lot. I learned what bullies really are, and what they intend. Now Mark, he never let up for years. He had a hand in the captain of the football team coming to my house, and getting his ass kicked. He had a hand in torment that followed me through my high-school 'career'. That torment ended the day I challenged him directly and his response was, I quote:

"You'll probably kick my ass."

When the student body Vice President struck me from behind, and got planted because of it, Mark was one of the people urging me to protect myself and leave.

Don't ever tell me about bullies, poet. You haven't the first fucking clue what the word even means. And if you think a scribbler like yourself can even approximate bullying? You're not just a useless waste. You're a moron. Your 'mistress' tells you lies, and you swallow them with no question or integrity whatsoever. Good to be you, calling anyone who disagrees a bully, without knowing the first thing about what the word means. More to the point, you're a total wuss, incapable of standing up to such.

What a putz!


violence is a cycle. the schoolyard bully is often acting out his own victimization, usually at the hands of an authority figure, like a parent or teacher.


Thank you Captain Sociology, but you still miss the point.

Disagreement is not violence. Angry words on a screen are not violence. Lies are a form of violence. That's what you should protect yourself against, and never perpetrate against others unless violence is your intent. It's hardly funny how much I see of that coming from you and yours.


are you saying bullying is only comprised of physical threats? because I think there are plenty of young kids getting cyber-bullied that would disagree with you.

and lies are a form of violence, but angry words are not violence? you are not making a lot of sense here.

maybe you should just stick to name-calling, it's what bullies are good at.


What a putz. Angry words are not violence, nor are they necessarily lies. Are you really dumb enough to think they are?

are you saying bullying is only comprised of physical threats?

After what I just wrote, that question is completely fucking stupid. "Lies are a form of violence". I wrote that, you admit it, and then think I wrote that "physical threats" are the only thing that comprises bullying? Are you trying to be stupid Lizard? Is that your goal? If it is, you're succeeding.


did you blow a fuse? I'll give you some time to reboot.


Why thank you, Cardinal Lizard.

You still really don't get it. You're being stupid. Don't be stupid. Is that clear enough?


you don't get to define what someone may perceive as violence. "angry words" may not seem like violence to you, but for someone who experienced emotional abuse, they might perceive things very differently.


There's that ontology again, Lizard. So I ask again, is that really what you want to discuss?

Because of my mother's work, I grew up around people with emotional, psychological and personality disorders. One of the first lessons to be learned is that one is not responsible for the perceptions of another. You might want to consider that sometime before your next outragegasm.


Rob says: "Expecting someone to react to lies is a wingnut kind of thing, and grossly arrogant."

Rob says: "Given the behavior of the drama squad at 4 and 20, I expect this entire exchange to be deleted."

sorry we didn't react to your deceit in the way you expected. does that make you an arrogant wingnut?

I'm glad you don't feel responsible for the perceptions of others; empathy for how others may perceive the world is overrated, wouldn't you agree?

and by making such a callous statement, you conveniently remove any accountability on your part regarding how others perceive your bullying behavior.


Deceit is verifiable, Lizard. That makes it immune to misconception except among the deluded (which would be *why* one cannot be responsible for the 'perceptions' of another.) You'll notice, or you won't, that J'girl called me a liar for mis-stating what she wrote when I used her own words. In what universe is that a lie, Lizard? Here's a hint, it isn't.

You and others are getting more like the extreme right-wing every day. You look for attack, envision it when it isn't there, and scream "UNFAIR!" at the top of your lungs when you see what isn't there. In short, Lizard, you not only lack empathy, you lack reason.

Two things inevitably follow. The first is blaming the other. Look at this statement and tell me it isn't stupid:

by making such a callous statement, you conveniently remove any accountability on your part regarding how others perceive your bullying behavior.

Who says it's callous? Who knows what's in my intent and will? According to you, You do. That's a rather pathetic attempt to manipulate a moral belief that another has by blaming them for what you feel. In other words, Liz, you claim I'm not empathic because I don't agree with you that I don't care. You're blaming me for your feelings.

Considering you're behaving like a stoned cockroach, to whom is my statement convenient? Why you, of course. Is it untrue? Of course not, nor is the reality of the statement ever your concern. Your concern is your convenience. It's never been mine. That's why you trot your happy ass over here to blame me for your unrealistic bullshit.

Exactly what accountability do you think I have? To you, I'm supposedly accountable to you. You whine about bullying, (your perception) and my not being accountable for it. I don't owe you anything. I'm not responsible for your feelings. That's what I've been pointing out for over a year.

That's the whole problem with Puritopians. Y'all think the world owes you good vibes, and you get to decide what those vibes are. Read your comment again, Liz, only this time think for once. You're engaging in circular reasoning. Someone you've already decided something about does something you don't like (disagrees with you) so obviously they are only trying to cover themselves against being what you've already decided they are. I really don't have any faith that you'll understand you're own drivel, but my empathy extends at least far enough to explain it to you.

The second follow of the extreme right-wing/Puritopian is that after calling the tune and blaming others for dancing, they don't wanna pay. They sadly and deeply discuss how such drama and frivolity distracts from the 'real issues'. I wonder if anyone has done that, lately?


you're right, no one but you really knows what you intend. if you intend to mislead, then you're being deceitful. you can say that's not your intent, and if I thought you were honest, then I'd believe you. but I don't think you're honest.

I wonder if you realize everything you accuse others of doing you do yourself. your strawman attacks on these alleged "puritopians" is filled with assumptions of intent you can't verify. you create the label, ascribe characteristics, then bash away--you know, like a right-winger hating on liberals and socialists.

you called the tune with this post about your personal amusement, Rob, and now you're doing the two-step bully shuffle. typical. if you ever want to listen to some different music, I could give you some suggestions.

but I don't think you're honest.

And that's really all that matters to you, isn't it? So go the fuck away. You've said your peace. Anyone else who reads this will make up their own minds. You really don't have much to offer. But very much like Tokarski, you must have the last word ...

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