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March 19, 2012


Steve T.

It's "Peyton." (Feel free to delete this comment post-correction.

Big Swede

Looking good for next season.

One word of advice for PM tho.

Stay firmly planted behind the protection of that Hall of Fame center.


Wonder where Elway would be now if he had been treated like he's Tebow now? I remember a lot of years waiting for Elway to become a Hall of Fame quarterback. Just sayin'.

I predict a fall flat on his face Manning, just like Farve.

jack ruby

I do laugh at all of the former Denver Tebow jock riders who so willingly flip him to the curb, although I dont count you all the way in that category Im speaking more of people I personally know. Elway pulled off the move of the century even if Manning gets his neck broken in the preseason and never plays a down..he got rid of Tebow. Awesome move because they would have crashed and burned with him next year. It will be entertaining to see if Manning can hold it together. Im thinking he will be going down in flames like almost every other broken down old QB trying to keep it alive "usually" does. But you never know. Like I said even if he never plays a down its a win for the Broncos.


Steve, I'm going to leave it, but only because I'm a contrarian who really doesn't like being told what I 'am going' to do.

Swede, it looks like Jeff Saturday will interview with the Broncos tomorrow. You were saying? Personally, I think being flanked by Tackles Clady and Franklin was one of the reasons that Peyton chose Denver over Tennessee in the first place.

Mandy, the NFL is not what it was 28 years ago. Free agency changed everything, and John Elway was the first quarterback to carry the 'Franchise' designation, under the first modern free agency rules. Elway had the bionic arm right out of Stanford, and that's why he was drafted ahead of Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, and several rounds ahead of the Broncos' Gary Kubiak. Even as we sweated out his mistakes, he still completed over 50% of his passes and led the Broncos to the Super Bowl in his fourth year.

I've spent a lot of words defending the similarities between Elway and Tebow. If Tebow had been pressed to develop like Elway was, maybe he would be on the road to the HOF. For that you can blame McDisaster. He traded way too much to sit Tebow and play Orton. In his >2 years the Broncos went 12 and 20, with Tebow starting 3 games and winning 1. McDaniels should have started Tebow from day one of the 2009 season. Then he might be chasing John Elway for Bronco glory.

Don't get me wrong. I'm gonna miss that kid, a lot. I don't for the life of me understand why the Jets traded for him, other than that Sanchez needs someone to score touchdowns when he can't (shades of Orton). Jacksonville should have nutted up. Tebow and MJD on the same field would have reshaped the AFC South, and put a fine answer to Arian Foster in Houston. It would have been spectacular. It would have given Tebow a chance to be the quarterback I still think he can be.

That written, Peyton Manning demanded that a "fall on his face" clause be written into his contract with Denver. If, due to the neck injury, he can't play then Denver is only obligated to purchase out what was guaranteed in his contract for the next year. This guy wants to win and has the skills to do it. Favre well exceeded his pat due date, and still had one of his best seasons in his second year after 'retirement'. Manning is a far cry better than Favre. With Denver he has Eric Decker and Damaryous Thomas. He has genius on all sides of the ball with John Elway, John Fox, Jack Del Rio and himself. I have no idea whether Manning can get the Broncos to another Super Bowl. But the chances are a helluva better with him than without him.


Rob, all good points. I guess I'm just a Pollyanna, but one of the things I always liked about Denver was they seemed more committed to their players than to the almighty corporate franchising machine that football (all sports for that matter) has become. I guess I'm just disappointed to find they find they aren't any different the rest of the pack and even more so to watch Elway spearhead whole thing.

I would rather have seen Elway take a rough-around-edges quarterback, and turn him into a HOF'er, rather than nabbing himself a virtual HOF shoein. But hey, why work at something you can throw money at? That's the American way of life.

Steve T.

Actually, Rob, you're being contrarian because of my last name again. You really oughta watch out for that. I was actually trying to be nice.

Anyways, now Tebow is on my team. Dagnammit all to hell. I actually have faith in Sanchez, but throwing a high-profile backup into the New York media circus is a terrible idea. But we shall see what they do with him...


No, Steve, I was actually telling the truth. I do not have a problem with you or your last name. I am a contrarian about correcting blog posts I screw things up in writing when others notice before I do, unless it is a relevant statement of fact. I'm sincerely surprised that no one noticed my other gaffe in this post. I wrote 1993, but meant 1983, the year the Broncos traded for John Elway.

As for Tebow being a Jet, I'm still trying to figure out Ryan's thinking on this. It is obvious that Rex Ryan wanted Tebow in New york, but why? A few thoughts you might help with, if you would: 1) Daddy Ryan (Buddy) had a habit of motivating players by threatening with 'the bench'. I'm wondering if Rex is doing the same to Sanchez. Ryan has intimated that Sanchez is very good, but doesn't work hard enough and that's why he's inconsistent. 2) Sanchez suffers from what I call the "Orton problem". He can move a team down the field, but can't seem to finish across that magic white line. If there is one thing Tebow is extremely good at, it's crossing the goal line from inside the 10. 3) The rumers were very heavy that New England was looking to snatch Tebow off of waivers when the Broncos eventually cut him. McDaniels must have seen something he liked or he would not have traded the Denver cash cow for the magic Tebow beans. It is possible that Ryan was simply interested in stealing those beans so that New England wouldn't get them. 4) Despite the brutal media market in New York, the Giants are the big dog, and always have been, good press or bad. The Jets are the distant little sister. Tebow changes that dynamic rather dramatically. Not that Rex Ryan is a publicity hound or anything ...

The problem with all of these thoughts is that none lead to developing Tebow as a quarterback, and all are short term fixes to what could be longer term problems. Even if Sanchez gets benched, the fans in New York won't put up with Tebow's sub-50% completion rate for very long at all. And they do have to play those Patriots twice a year.

Steve T.

Just one point: I think you have Sanchez's skills mixed up. He actually threw for something like 26 touchdowns, last year, and ran for several more. I had both him and Romo on my fantasy team last year, and Sanchez was usually the better start. But he also turned the ball over 20+ times.

So i think your first point is probably more on the mark. But mostly I'm afraid the team has become more concerned with making headlines and selling tickets than winning.


If memory serves, they had the ball in the red zone one helluva lot more than they actually scored. And I agree with your latter point.

jack ruby

Jets should have signed Chad Henne. He sucks but he's still better than Sanchez and then they would have had a semi legitimate option at QB to fall back on when the anti-Sanchez revolt explodes this year (among the fans and players). Rex and Tannenbaum will be gone this time next year. Its definitely going to be worthy of getting your popcorn ready though. Can't wait for football season and its only March.


To be honest, this has been one of the most exciting and interesting off-seasons in my memory. That says something coming on the heels of last year's lockout drama.

Big Swede

You'll like this one Rob.

"Tebow in Babylon" Times piece.

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