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February 21, 2012



Sort of related, here's an article about HBO in the Economist that I thought was pretty good. Their CEO makes the point that the households without cable and money to give them market is smaller than the households with cable and without HBO market. So offering HBO GO without a cable subscription is not worth the upheaval it would cause. Which I guess I can see, even if I was in the former market for a while.


nice. unprovoked name calling. me thinks you have been spending too much time at the cowgirl. I hope that hasn't compromised your ability to take righteous stands against women-hating wherever you see it--unless of course it's a hilarious tweet about sluts or some childish dig at the 4 nutcutters who ousted that asshole from his political practices position. keep up the insightful commentary, sweetie.


Aren't you just being a little bitchy, sweety? I didn't call you a name, 'til now. Do you actually have anything to say about the topic? No?

Didn't think so.


the Song of Fire and Ice is an excellent book series.


Given it's obvious popularity, it probably is.

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