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August 24, 2011


Craig Moore

I remember when she once wrote that she looked forward to her cup of Wulfgar in the morning. I seem to remember Pbear inviting you to go fishing with him on Georgetown Lake. My, how times have changed.

IN the past, you and I have had some real dingers at ECW. Never once did I feel threatened. What a bogus claim Pbear asserts as I have read your comments. Tough, yes.

There seems to be a race to play victim to avoid the light of critical analysis. The losers are those that fail to just cowboy up and take it...AND give it back.


Rob wins the victim race, hands down.

hey Rob, i like how you usin' Chamillionaire in the title. in fact, i was so inspired, i tried to imagine what kind of battle rap you would write about us. here's how i think it would go:

they see me rollin'
they hatin'
they say they care
but they fakin'
can't handle my logic
it's tragic
egobird assholes
delete me like magic
'cause they scared
my mad bloggin' skills
kills lizards and bears
and tea-party-like shils
so all you haters
and fakers
and ego masturbators
better check the time
while i make the call
to the non-emergency line
to bust y'all
for theft of my
in! your! face! thunder!
'cause i'm Wulfgar!
and i'll tear you asunder
you fuckers


Don't you have a "Free Mumia" rally to attend, jackass?


probably. Yuck Yuck.

smooth toke, bud.


are you really going to add stuff to my posts that i didn't say? really?


Are you really going to tell the truth? No?

Then yes, I am going to fuss with your comments, dickhead. Read the rules.


i'm just a cowardly sexist lying egobird whom you have have every reason to hate.


that looks like fun, changing stuff. you try and comment on my posts, and i will return the favor.

by the way, there's something wrong with your website. when i link to here from 4&20 i get some weird communist site. what up with that?


You're late to the party, Lizard. JC already does, and has been for a while.

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