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October 19, 2010


Eric Coobs

Well Rob - I agree with you on 161 - let all the out-of-staters put in for the drawing, the same as we all have to.

The ones that want to do an outfitted hunt can still do so.

I'm voting for 105 though, and I'll give you my reason for that.

There is no transfer tax in Montana, yet every legislature has bills introduced to add taxes, and they are mostly defeated.

I don't particularly trust our state government - especially when we have governors increasing state spending by 50% while they're in office.

So if I decide to retire, sell this house to the kids, and move to San Diego, I don't want them to have them pay a transfer tax on a house I already paid for once.

With the Obama economy, there is no danger of house flippers making any money in Monatana anymore.

I believe it will pass and pass big.


Eric, CI-105 will pass; I don't know about "big". It's an emotional thing. I just know that I won't support letting a very select industry dictate to me what my Constitution will allow.


As you already know, I disagree with your stance on I 161 and it has taken me some time to think about how to respond to your critique.

First, I agree with you to some extent - I 161 is kind of like a business subsidy. That said, it isn't like we don't subsidize other businesses in Montana - especially those that bring in dollars to Montana.

Where I really disagree with you is that non-resident licenses are not as simple as buying it online. You have to enter a drawing to get that license and there is no guarentee that you will get it. That presents a real problem for many that plan vacations around a hunting trip to Montana. There were two examples of this in the Dillon paper article where the individuals stated flat out that if the outfitter couldn't guarentee the hunting license, he wouldn't be able to go because he had to put in his vacation plans with his company months in advance.

Further, this isn't just a subsidy of the outfitters. It is also a subsidy of motels, resterants, grocery stores and every other business that benefits from the visitation brought in by the outfitters.

What does it hurt to allow the licenses to go to outfitters? Are the tax payers paying for this "subsidy" like we do for the oil, insurance and energy companies? No, we do not. Are these outfitter hunts breaking Montana law in some way that hurts the tax payers? Again, I would have to see some pretty convincing proof before I would buy into that.

I see no reason to vote for this initiative (other than the increase in the license fee - something I think should be done anyway), and I can see a number of reasons to vote against it. Since a large portion of the tourist money coming into Dillon each year is from outfitter sponsored hunts and fish expeditions, I am not all that comfortable potentially damaging that business - especially when I can see no logical reason for it.


Just my .02,but it's not like they are trying to put food on the table.
I live in SW Washington right next to the Columbia river, right on the edge of the "Columbia River Scenic Gorge"
and we have professional guides for fishing here., it is exactly the same thing on a different scale.An elk and a sturgeon are both natural recources that we have to pay the state to hunt or catch.
A sturgeon can live to be over a hundred years old and are not able to reproduce until they are five or six years old.

They live in a river, you don't have to go kill your self by heart attack running around in the hills.
Still, we have professional guides who will take who ever pays their fees to the right place and get you a damn fish.
It is the same thing with the guys are talking about and it is indeed a business.

It isn't going away any time soon but I would encourage you as a fellow countryman to try and defeat this to keep it at a minimum.
It isn't a petting zoo. Feeding your family or taking an animal for a freaking trophy on a controlled hunt are two very different things.
These are very limited resources and it sure as hell isn't a used car lot we are talking about.

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