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October 08, 2010


Eric Coobs

My IP address is - if you ever find a post from this IP address that doesn't have my name on it I'll buy you the biggest Prime Rib in Bozeman - or even in Manhattan at the Oasis -

I remember your 'Troll under the bridge post' - it's what motivated me to learn how to compare IP addresses off the Stat Counters visitors log, and compare the times to posts to figure out who was who. Very interesting.

I don't need tracking tools for 'old time' bloggers like yourself - I can recognize the writing of most of them.


That's a good thing, Eric. And I expect you to buy me a big steak, regardless. You kinda owe me, bud.


Having witnessed the progression of Mark T into the madness that he promotes online now, I can't wait to see the second installment.

Banned in Beantown

Kailey, you can attack me here without allowing a response, and that's fine, as you are a total dick. I get that.

I went back and read the exchange back in 2006 when this event happened. Even now I am in wonderment, as I do not know how it happened. And for the record, even my son thinks I am guilty as you charge me, so I'm pretty much screwed. I get that.

But I didn't even know in 2006 what a total dick you were. I had no reason to say mean to you, as you were just some dude. The worst thing that came out of that was that I tried to figure out who would have the savvy to pull off such a stunt, and two perfectly innocent people were maligned, Craig and Shane. That was awful, and each was owed an apology and got it. But not you. I didn't do anything to you.

I know you now. You're a dick, arrogant, stupid, bloated, mouth-breathing, and presumptuous. It is the presumption that gets me worst, this idea that you've got things on the ball that others don't. All it allows you to do is miss things on a grand scale, and the worst part is that people like you never self-examine or reflect, as you badly need to do.

But I didn't know all of this about you in 2006. I thought you were a guy with some writing skills. My son thought you were top-shelf.

I don't understand what happened. When I do bad stuff, I get depressed, and the only way out of the depression is to fess up and make it better. I do bad stuff. I have done bad stuff. But I did not do that.


Banned in Beantown

When all other possibilities are eliminated, the one that remains, no matter how unlikely, stands the best chance of being true.

I was not "Monty", and did not post those things.

I suppose it is possible to steal an IP address,but first you have to know that address. It's very geeky for another blogger, such as Harris, who had my IP to somehow insert it here as Monty.

But here's what's weird - who had the most control over this situation? Who could have known my IP, broadcast it, claim that I was a troll named "Monty", and four years later still be harping on it.

The Butler. Kailey, you are Monty. Aren't you. You son of a bitch.


Just keep digging that hole there, buddy. Longer response coming later.


Mark, I'm another IT professional. IP addresses cannot be stolen. They are unique. It is impossible to "spoof" an IP address. It is possible to mask the originating IP address, though (see TOR, i.e.).

That said, I'm not ruling on the veracity of either of you guys' claims. But I do know that if you are using a NAT router (like a wireless router hooked up to your cabe/dsl modem), that all computers that connect to it will share the same IP (which is assigned to the router).

SO for instance, if you have a wireless access point in your home that doesn't have a password (or your neighbor hacks the password) he can use your wireless as an internet access point, and by doing so he will share the IP of your router.

Not saying that's what happened. But an IP address cannot be stolen. When you interact with a server (like this blog's) your connection's IP address is recorded. There is no way to spoof a connecting IP address, or the whole system quits working. Literally.


JC, Mark knows this now. He didn't know it at the time, and it's doubtful that he learned it from our explanations at the time. That's why he often resets his router anymore. That's why, for a while, he attempted to cast doubt, while leaving comments at my website under the name "Craig", with the link being MT Politics. Or his comments as Gregg S.

However, Mark now knows that others are not as ignorant as he was then. That's why, after his initial outrage of his first comment in this thread, he had to comment again, and recognize that there are people like you who know his 'theft' claim is full of feces. So he ran home to mommy and accused me of faking the whole thing. Funny, I verified his IP not from a comment, but from an email trace, and confirmed my suspicions with two other Montana bloggers (one of whom is your blog-father.) The rest i will deal with in my response to Mark.

Tokarski has been successful this much though. He's got folks wondering how an IP address could be stolen. Yet next to no one is willing to ask the questions: why was that guy trolling a 'friendly', and what kind of person would do that?


Egocentric sociopath comes quickly to mind.

Craig Moore

I believe Mark will keep digging until he is pooped out of the other side of the earth.


Mark, I hear tell that cockroaches don't like the light very much either. What you call "attacking", I call "exposing". You called for the tune, and I'm so happy that you're willing to dance. This started because I'm not willing to pay the piper for you.

I'm so thrilled that you finally got yourself one of those Logic 101 pamphlets you keep saying that I use. It might do you better service to read past the introduction. Still

When all other possibilities are eliminated, the one that remains, no matter how unlikely, stands the best chance of being true.

Actually, if all other possibilities are eliminated, whatever remains, given a single possibility, must be true. So, lets work with that, shall we?

Possibility one is your claim that someone stole/spoofed your IP address. As we attempted to explain before, and JC ably did again, two computers cannot use the same IP address at the same time in Internet communication. It breaks things. I won't belabor it any more. Even you seem to have accepted this, given your wild accusation above. This possibility is truly put to rest.

So, the comments came from your computer, which leads to the second possibility. I thought this at the time, and said nothing, and I'm certain that I'm not the only one. I didn't bring it up, nor did anyone else, because we weren't just trying to be polite to you at the time. Though you missed it completely, we were also trying to be nice to you. My mistake, of course, one I don't intend to repeat. The second possibility is that someone other than you posted those comments from your computer. Given your living arrangements at the time, that's a rather unsavory possibility. However, if your spouse is poncing over the InterWebs on your machine making comments that reflect poorly on you, then I suggest to you, once again, Mark, that you have a much bigger problem than a web spat with me.

Regardless, this possibility is very unlikely. Given your arrogant and condescending displays over the last several years, I defy anyone to read those 'Monty' comments and not recognize immediately the prose and snobbery of Mark Tokarski. Here's a bit of pseudo-logic for you: If it walks like a duck, squawks like duck and acts like a duck, it prolly is a duck.

Possibility number 3 is this:

Kailey, you are Monty. Aren't you. You son of a bitch.

Now that makes no damned sense, does it? Why, under those circumstances, would I troll my own website? Why would I do so by insulting my own writing ability? Why would I then accuse you of having done what "I" just did? Wouldn't I have attacked Eric, or someone I didn't call a friendly? That's just gobbledygook. That's one of the weirdest applications of the Chewbacca defense I've ever witnessed in my life.

So, P1 goes down hard, P2 goes down soft, P3 goes down hard, drawn as it is only from your paranoid idiocy. That leaves possibility number 4. That it really was you, and you're just flailing your ass off to deflect criticism and disdain. There was this guy by the name of Occam, and he had hisself a razor ...

Now you can call me every name in the book for all I care. We'll get to your little problem with psychological projection a bit later. But here's an appetizer for you; you have smugly accused me of attack against your august personage because you know who I *really* am and what I'm *really* like; and I simply can't abide you having that knowledge, quaint peasant as I am. No, Tokarski. I know you because you've given me ample evidence of your 'fog of ego' (damn how I wish I'd have grabbed a screenshot of that before you cowardly pulled it, but even I still underestimate how craven you truly are.) That's why I started this series, Mark. Most everyone is beyond tired of your bullshit. But none have had to put up with as much personal crap as you've hurled at me. You claim I do the same to you, and that's really what you want all others to believe. The evidence is on my side Mark. I hold the light, and you're the skittering filth eater. I intend to present that, using your words, in all it's ugly glory.

And don't forget, Mark, I warned you. This post was written months ago. I just wanted to see if you'd lose the arrogance. Sadly I knew better. Still, you were warned.


Holy crap. I did it again. I was nicer to Mark than I intended to be, because I didn't once use the appropriate word. It's like some kind of socialist disease I suffer from. Crap. Well here it is:

Mark, you are lying. You are a liar. That is what you are all about, lying as in, you are a liar.

I hate it when I fail to double tap ...


I had said it before that Mark is a liar. Don't expect him to show up for awhile.

A nice side bonus.

Banned in Beantown

Here's what I know, Kailey. I did not write those posts. If JC is right, and I assume he is, then no one else could have stolen my IP. That leaves one possibility. You.

But it's weird. I didn't know what a total dick you were then. I was kind of new to the game. Like and dislike I understand, but to go after me as you did ... you hit hard and furious. You must have sensed something.

Anyway, you did it. If you hadn't, you would have long forgotten. But you keep bringing it up. You are some serious mental shit going on. Most of us on the blogs have strong personalities, and quite a few are off-kilter. That impression that I had of you that day when we met as a group in the coffee shop - self-important, overbearing, even a bit grandiose ... I should know to trust my instincts.

Dick. You and I know what happened. I judge you.


And I'll certainly afford your judgment it's due weight, liar.


OK...now ASIDE from all of the mud being thrown above, I just want to say: Thank You, Wulfgar. You were truly one of the Founding Fathers of the Montana Blogosphere, and your hospitality and linkiness are remembered fondly.

Like you, I sorta miss the early, simpler days. When we were a smaller, tighter bunch.

But it's still good. We've moved on and "integrated" our blogging into our lives, even as the online line world has slowly morphed closer to the real world.

Tip o' the hat to you, Rob. Thanks for everything you've done to get us where we are today.


And hey: Corporate Shill & Proud Of It, Baby! Finally, I figured out how to make blogging pay!

Banned in Beantown

Kind of interesting that you have, so far as I know, never put up anything introspective. That is telling - you have opinions on everything, but don't self-examine.

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