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July 07, 2009



Looks like a pretty solid rumor, since Piranha games is working on a AAA licensed game, Jordan Weisman has said that he was going to bring it back to life, and Piranha has just said that they can't talk about it at this time, but will as soon as they are able to. Which in the game world usually means "we're working on it"

This will be great if it's true, but if isn't, a bunch of Mechwarrior fans are making a mod for Crysis, with Microsoft's approval, so that might end up being something to check out too.


Looks like it is definitely real, there's an announcement on Thursday morning on IGN about it.


It lives! It LIVES!!! And it looks freakin' amazing!!! Holy crap if that is even partly the real gameplay, holy crap!!!

Mechwarririor Reboot

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