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May 22, 2007


The Zombie Apocalypse

I love your targets. My only suggestion, since the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy its brain, should any points be awarded for areas outside of the head? A body shot isn't going to do anything but waste a bullet.


Cool targets. I have definitely added them to my growing file of targets. Sacha says that she is working on a couple. We will see what she comes up with...

We will be prepared when the eventual zombie invasion happens.



Actually, TZA, what I was thinking is that a shot outside the kill-zone could at least inhibit their ability to harm you (no teeth, no bite), and/or slow them down for another shot. That's why I gave score for bone breaking shots that won't destroy.

Chad Crawford


Good point. Also, I was commenting under the assumption that you would be using a handgun or small caliber rifle. If you talking about high-powered weaponry here, a couple shots, regardless of where they're placed, will pretty much render any zombie ineffectual.


Chad, my friend, just for the record, my handgun is a .44 mag. *BOOM*

Montana Headlines

I had meant to print some of these out before shooting this weekend, but forgot.

I'm suspecting that the sight of a zombie really gets the neurons firing and sharpens the aim out of a sense of self-preservation. Am I right?

My only concern would be that in order to maintain that kind of newly honed skill, I might have to visualize a zombie when actually looking at a deer. Might that ruin the aesthetic experience of hunting? I need to know.

Mark Tokarski

I'm kind of new to your target thing - might I suggest Jesus? You should be able to download him at will. People are more than anxious to share him with you.

I've long bemoaned the internet being taken over by sideshow freaks and carnival barkers. It's basically a medium for free exchange of ideas. But the 'free' part is disappearing. And the advertisers have long salivated over it - they are getting more sophisticated even as we sit here, thinking up new ways to invade our space. If there is a hell, may they go there, and may they be bombarded for eternity with their own product.

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