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September 05, 2006


MT Fem

"Sit back, shut up, and let us save what this nation was meant to be."

Wulfgar, may I use this as my personal Mantra? You rock. Whoever it is that your pissed at well, you just got spanked.


(Britt posting from Moorcats account cuz I'm just too damned lazy to switch it over)

You go, my lovely, fired up Brother-in-law :)

I do so love to read you when you get roused... you da bomb :)

And hey, dipshit (the target of this beautiful rant) I agree with MT Fem....but using another current term....

You got SERVED!!!!!

See ya tomorrow, Wufgar



I also like the "sit back shut up" line so much that I quoted it in a letter to the Boz Daily Chronicle.


Your wit is as sharp as a butter knife.

Eric Coobs

What set you off? The 'crazy-pig' blogger?


Eric, I realize the futility of writing this, but don't be so dense. Are you really dim enough to believe that an inter-tube commenter could have riled me so much? Not likely.

"Monty", my response to you is posted within your comment in the thread above. If you have a question, state it. Quit with the shit.

Monty/Mark T.

Touchy aren't we. Everyone else was drooling over your writing skills that I thought I would add my admiration as well.

What kind of a rube do you take me for, Mark? Your IP remains constant. Can the fucking shit, or be banned. Your choice, of course. W.

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