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November 07, 2005



Just to start things off, my answers:

1: Best Montana Political Website (Websites relating or dealing with primarily political content). Left In the West.

a: Best Left Leaning Political Website. Left In The West
b: Best Right Leaning Political Website. MTPolitics
c: Best Libertarian/Constitutional/Independent Website. Obviously, Dave Budge.
d: Most In-depth Political Website. Left In The West
c: Best Political Candidate's Website. Tester Time

2: Best Lifestyle Website. Karbon Kounty Moos

a: Most Exemplifies a Montana Lifestyle. Thoughts From The Middle Of Nowhere (Sarpy Sam)
b: Best Culture Website. Watermark
c: Best Pop-Culture Website. Better Living Through Blogging

3: Most Web Gravitas (Best Read) Website. City Lights

a: Best Website For Montana News (not an online newspaper, or presentation thereof). New West
b: Best Website For Montana Photos. Merciless.org
c: Best Website For Montana Tales and Stories. Watermark
d: Most Informative Website About Montana And Montana Concerns. New West

4: Most Humorous Montana Website. Without a doubt. A Secular Franciscan Life

5: Best Montana Media Website (specifically dedicated to providing news and information). New West

a: Best Online Newspaper. The Billings Gazette
b: Best Online Media Sponsored Website. City Lights
c: Best Online Magazine. New West

6: Best State Run Website. Discovering Montana (state.mt.us)

a: Most Useful State Website. Discovering Montana, Welcome to Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

7: Most Helpful Montana Website. Montana Road Conditions

8: Most Historical Montana Website. Prairie Marie

9: Best Montana Community Website. (Community Websites are those that allow multiple posters or content providers.) Big Sky Blog

10: Most Missed Montana Website Not Being Updated Or On Hiatus. Gates of the Mountains

11: Best Personal Montana Website (Relating to and about the individuals personal life). Revolving Duck

12: Montana Survivor; Website you'd most like to be voted off the mountains (try to be nice, here). The Viceroy's Fugue State

13: And Finally, The Montana Website You Would Choose To Read Everyday. Left In The West

Bonus polling, just for fun:

I: Best Montana College Football Team. The Carroll College Saints

II: Best Montana Highschool Football Team. The Dillon Beavers

III: Favorite NFL Football Team. The Denver Broncos

IV: Best Montana College Basketball Team. The Montana Lady Griz.

V: Best Montana Highschool Basketball Team. ?

VI: Favorite NBA Basketball Team. The Harlem Globetrotters ... ?

VII: Best Montana Sports Hero Of All Time. Jan Stenerude

VIII: Best Montana Politician of All Time. Mike Mansfield



This is going to take some thought. Hmm, let me look at that again... OK, I have until the 20th.

It might take that long.

& thanks for the vote(s)!!


Hey thanks, Wulfgar. Lifestyle - hmmm. . . I have to think about that.


Oh damn... had I but known, we could have made a special section at Problem Adults for this (polling and everything), special links section for all the Montana sites...

If not I also wrote a "Survey" script for PHP/MySQL that I used for a local newspaper that we could have used for this.

Good thing I have until the 20th for this, it'll give me a chance to peruse the other Montana blogs, as I enjoy yours and Craigs greatly.

I'll be BACK.....


For Culture: watermark.

(Now I hope this works!!)


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