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August 23, 2005


Matt Singer


Post it on the calendar at ProgressMontana

Perhaps other cities will follow suit.


I'd be interested, but I won't be back in Bozeman until Sunday. I'll probably be working on Thursday evenings, too. I'll know more next week.


That's the best idea I've heard of in a long time. I have wanted to start one myself but haven't found the time. I think thursdays would be great, as long as the fun lasts til 9:00, when I get out of class.


Also, I'd stay clear of the Hippo, a little to Republican for my taste, and for that matter so is Mixers. The Robyn is always fun and in a central location, as is the R Bar


I would certainly come if I were in Bozeman on a Thursday.

Mark Wilson

Let's see... Drinking... GOOOD... Liberals... GOOOOD... Drinking and liberals together, just sounds like fun*grins* I have two friends leaving at the beginning of next month, and two more leaving the month after that, so I'm definitely free... I'm not too sure about Thursdays, Hangover and getting up for college doesn't sound like that much fun... But whatever day is fine. And I think the Robyn bar would be good, not super expensive, good atmosphere... Very close for me to walk...

Kate S.

Can I call in my drink order? You can set me up a little barstool with a shot and a beer, put a hat down, make it look like someone is sitting there. Then I can call in on someone's cell phone present and start off the first round of a drunken drinking song.

It'll be a "snoot hoot."
(re: "having a snoot-full" = really drunk
and: "hoot", short for "hootenanny" get it? I just made that up. I'm not awake yet.)


Sounds like a great idea to me. Doesn't matter what night or place.

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