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June 23, 2005



Yeah! I sincerely hope there are enough intelligent people in our little town who can see what's really going on and not take all this nastiness to heart.

Rocky Smith

Getting all the facts before you vote doesn't make you anything but prudent. Whether Mr. Vincent and I would agree on much is questionable, but I certainly can't see where he is wrong here. Sensible sounds more like the proper term to use.


One of the better parliamentarians I've known told me that the response vote you should always give is a "nay" if you haven't been completely convinced either for or against. The balance of proof always rests on the person or persons intending to change the status quo. It seems that people today feel safer with an abstention, but its a shirk of your duty not to make a vote on every issue on which you are not personally compromised.

Rocky Smith

Voting while in a state of ignorance on the subject at hand would be simply irresponsible. That goes for Democrats and Republicans. Maybe he should have gotten better informed before the vote was to be taken, but I won't fault him for abstaining. I wish more citizenry got informed before they voted. I know of people whom voted in elections who had no idea what was on the ballot. That's irresponsible.

Matt Singer

Rocky -- V's position is actually a conservative one. When in doubt, the default position is against change. The notion then is that on issues where much of the public feels uninformed, a small minority can't achieve goals by leaving the rest in a state of ignorance.

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