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June 16, 2005


Rocky Smith

I have to agree that many Republicans in Washington are thumbing their nose at the will of the people on this issue. The medical use of marijuana for relief of pain and/or nausea associated with many diseases (some terminal) has been demonstrated to be helpful to patients. A lot of conservatives refuse to accept the fact that this drug could be helpful in any way. They are allowing blind ignorance to set their path on this one. This is one area that I must break with right wingers on.


Good job Wulfga!, I should have given the thumbs up to Denny myself, but I didn't even look at the votes.

As someone who has had some pretty severe medical problems myself I can tell you that medicine is a lot less exact than many would have you believe. There is an awful lot of trial and error involved and everybody reacts different.

Most things are not as measurable as blood sugar or the presence of cancer cells. If something helps a person carry on in a normal fashion, whether it is medical marijuana or accupuncture they should have a lot more control over their own health than the pharmaceutical companies do.

That is really what these two votes boil down to is who gets to make your decisions for you.

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