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June 28, 2005


Matt Singer

John Vincent assured me he would have online donation capabilities relatively soon. We'll be pushing some money his way for sure.

The Vincent/Koopman race will surely become one of the highest profile in the state, but when it comes to cost, it will pale in comparison to the US Senate race, which on a dollar per voter basis, may turn into the most expensive fight in the nation next year.


Thanks for the clarification. I love it when candidates reach out to the netroots. I admit that I did not look close enough at the venue, but I only meant the criticism of John in a lighthearted way, because I know he is a great candidate and a fresh breath for the party, but we cannot forget how important it is to hold even strong Democrats accountable. Not only will I be donating to John from my meager student pay, but I will also do anything to promote a good man and destroy the political ambitions of a jerk.


I'll be following this race closely and contributing whatever I can. Thank you for your public service Mr. Vincent.

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